What is Rosacea ?

Selston Cosmetic Clinic uses the most advanced laser technology to offer a safe and effective way for the treatment of the distressing condition Rosacea.

What is Rosacea (Acne Rosacea) ?

  • Rosacea is a chronic condition affecting the skin of the face, causing persistent redness over the cheeks, nose, chin and forehead. The tiny blood vessels in these areas enlarge and become more visible through the skin, subsequently pimples develop over these areas and a disfiguring nose condition called rhinophyma can result characterised by a bulbous, enlarged red nose. This condition is also refered to as acne rosacea.
  • Rosacea affects both sexes ( ages 30-50 ), it tends to be more frequent in women but more severe in men.

Laser treatment for Rosacea (Acne Rosacea)

  • Selston Cosmetic Clinic's state of the art laser treatment provides an effective therapy for the treatment of this upsetting condition.
  • With appropriate treatment use of laser energies and technique, we are obtaining excellent results, not only in the cosmetic appearance but also a marked reduction in the upsetting flushing attacks of Rosacea (acne rosacea).

Post laser treatment dietary and skin care advice

  • Regular daily use of sunblock is recommended.
  • Avoid exposure to strong sunlight.
  • You are advised to stop smoking.
  • Spicy food, hot drinks and alcohol such as red wine should be avoided. These can aggravate the flushing attacks of Rosacea.
  • Facial products such as soap, moisturisers and sunscreens should be alcohol free.

Best Aesthetic Practice

Selston Cosmetic Clinic Experienced Aesthetic team , headed by Dr S R Bassi Asst Member of the British Association of Cosmetic Doctors (B.A.C.D.) and Member of the British Medical Laser Association (B.M.L.A) will discuss your requirements and advise a personalised treatment plan. We along with our clients are delighted with the results this cost effective treatment can achieve.

Summary of Rosacea Procedure

Procedure Time

15 - 30 Minutes

Treatment Course

6 Treatments, each 4 Weeks apart

Back To Work

Next Day

Duration Of Results

12 Months



Results Seen

4 - 6 Weeks

Frequently Asked Questions

The treatment sessions normally take 45 minutes to 1 hour
Four to six treatments are recommended, spaced three to four weeks apart. The treatment effects are cumulative and optimal results are obtained after four to six months.
  • Most clients experience minimal discomfort, some may experience a minor stinging sensation on the skin as the Laser pulses are delivered.
  • We can offer topical anaesthetic cream to make treatments more comfortable.
  • Our advanced laser system is equipped with a cooled sapphire window on the tip of the laser scope to further protect and cool the skin.
  • Occasionally following treatment, there may be redness or swelling for a few hours, on rare occasions for a few days.
  • You will also be advised at pre-treatment of the subsequent convalescent time, if increased laser energy has to be used for the reduction of your Rosacea (acne rosacea).

What Our Patients Say....Reviews

M.D.... Chesterfield

Just a quick note to inform – that as you said will happen, the rosacea on my face has reduced along with the flushing attacks. Thank you for your help.

C.K.... Derby

The frequency of my flushing attacks have reduced dramatically, along with my embarrassment. I previously had numerous IPL treatments in a clinic in Derby with poor results.

J.K.... Nottingham

I have always hated my red face, my rosacea had been dramatically reduced I feel great on the inside and out!

J.D.... Mansfield

This rosacea rash has plagued me for most of my adult life, thank you so much for the treatments, they have given dramatic results.

D.M.... Nottingham

My journeys from Nottingham, for the treatments have been so worth it.

S.D.... Derby

Thank you for your support during the Rosacea treatments. I commend your clinic and am happy with the results.

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